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Full name Bren Light Machine Gun
Nationality English
Manufacturer Royal Small Arms Factory,

Enfield, John Inglis and Co., Long Branch Factory, Ishapore, Lithgow Small Arms

Artist feiren
Voice actor Sora Amamiya

Bren is an obtainable Tactical Doll in the game.


The Bren is considered to be one of the finest machine guns ever designed despite being a magazine-fed weapon.

The Bren was a light machine gun intended to replace the previous Lewis Gun. Developed and put in production in 1935, BREN Mk.1 was a near identical copy of the Czech ZB-26, customized for United Kingdom standards and requirements (most notable - .303 British ammo). The Bren had a reduced rate of fire and heavy weight to aid controlability. The Bren was know to be reliable, but it had issues like barrel overheating too fast and the fact that it was magazine fed.

BREN had stayed in service until 1991 where it saw service during Gulf War 1. Though officially, BREN is no longer in service, British Army and Navy still have a substantial number of L4A4 and L4A6 in stock. Additionally, BREN guns are still in use in countries which imported British weaponry, like India where it is manufactured as the Machine Gun 1B.

Technically, BREN is gas-operated, air-cooled, magazine-fed machinegun. Magazines fit 30 cartridges, and are inserted from top - one of the trademark characteristics of the BREN. Due to that, sights are offset to the left. Another unusual feature is that barrel and bolt assembly can roll back within the receiver, thus dampening recoil. Barrel is quick-changeable, and most of BREN guns are shipped with replacement barrel. (L4A4, L4A5 and L4A6 modifications have chromed barrel and chamber, and thus, were shipped with single barrel.) All BREN guns are fitted with bipods.

Overall, the BREN is reported to be very reliable, accurate and efficient machinegun, and although no longer in British Service, it is still used around the world today.

Game Data

Bren chibi.png
32 89
4 28
4 31
Rate of Fire
69 102
87/87 174/174
Movement Speed
Armor Penetration
Critical Hit Rate
Clip Size
Crafting Time

Affects shotguns
Increases rate of fire by 10%
Increases accuracy by 12%

Lock and Load


Event Chinese Japanese English
Acquisition 布伦轻机枪,请将您最艰巨的任务交给我吧。 私がブレン軽機関銃だ、過酷なミッションは私に任せろ。


Introduction 布伦轻机枪原本是由国外设计的武器,但在严苛的选拔下,击败了全部的本国机枪而成为制式武器。虽然很多人接受不了这个结果,但战争中我多次为军队赢得胜利。所以请相信我,只有实力才是衡量武器价值的标杆。
Secretary 有什么事吗?请尽量简短些。 何か用か。手短に頼むぞ。


真是的……别再发呆了,抓紧去训练怎么样? まったく…ぼーとしてないで訓練でもしたらどうだ?


你想做什么! な、なにをする?!


Secretary (post OATH)


Halloween 南瓜是食物。戴在头上的不觉得很浪费吗? カボチャは食べ物だ!置き物にしたら勿体無いではないか!


Pumpkins are food. Isn't it a waste to wear it on head?


New Year's Day


Valentine's day




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