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This page lists some guidelines for editors to follow.

If you wish to contribute to the wiki and are unsure of where to begin, please refer to the todo list for some ideas.

General Term Translations

These are the terms the wiki uses for translation. If there you have suggestion or do not agree with the translation, please contact wiki or use the discussion page.

General terms translation

Chinese English Category
猫猫肉垫 Kitty Paw T-Doll Costume
糖果快递 Candy Fast Delivery T-Doll Costume
南瓜熊熊 Pumpkin Teddy T-Doll Costume
甜心小恶魔 Sweetheart Devil T-Doll Costume
睡醒的 Woken-up Idiot T-Doll Costume
兔女郎 Bunny Girl T-Doll Costume
顽劣噪音 Stubborn Noise T-Doll Costume
僵尸家里蹲 Zombie Hikikimori T-Doll Costume
卡蜜拉 Carmilla T-Doll Costume
古堡历险 Castle Adventure T-Doll Costume
暗夜恶魔 Imp of the Night T-Doll Costume
古典派女巫 Classcial Witch T-Doll Costume
狩猎者礼服 Hunter's Dress T-Doll Costume
异邦魔女 Foreign Witch T-Doll Costume
水襦裙 Water Skirt T-Doll Costume
周末警卫 Weekend Security Guard T-Doll Costume
派对甜心 Partying Sweetheart T-Doll Costume
直达星星的愿望 Wish to the Stars T-Doll Costume
圣善夜的祝福 Christmas Blessing T-Doll Costume
圣诞巡游礼服 Christmas Parade Dress T-Doll Costume
圣诞居家礼服 Christmas Dress T-Doll Costume
冬日仙女 Winter Fairy T-Doll Costume
雪下赴约者 Snowy Appointment T-Doll Costume
圣诞鹿 Reindeer T-Doll Costume
冬幕补给行动 Winter Supply Operation T-Doll Costume
绯红守夜人 Crimson Night Watchman T-Doll Costume
耳朵山的雪妖精 Fairy of the Ear Fell T-Doll Costume
爆竹红 Firecracker Red T-Doll Costume
向日葵 Sunflower T-Doll Costume
金姬菊 Golden Coreopsis T-Doll Costume
仙客来 Cyclamen T-Doll Costume
玉玲珑 Exquisite Jade T-Doll Costume
牡丹魁 Peony Chief T-Doll Costume
报春花 Fairy Primrose T-Doll Costume
浪漫任务 Romantic Mission T-Doll Costume
“我来晚了?” "Am I late?" T-Doll Costume
“下不为例。” "Just this once." T-Doll Costume
英国恋人 English Lover T-Doll Costume
战争之王 Lord of War T-Doll Costume
女服务生 Waitress T-Doll Costume
两人的旅程 Journey of Two T-Doll Costume
契约时刻 Moment of Oath T-Doll Costume
被回应的心意 Returned Affections T-Doll Costume
毕生守护 Guardian for Life T-Doll Costume
与您同在 By Your Side T-Doll Costume
掌心约定 Promises upon these Palms T-Doll Costume
最重要的日子 The most important day T-Doll Costume
万圣节 Halloween Dormitory
初始 Default Dormitory
新世界(I) New World I Dormitory
Autumn Dormitory
新世界(II) New World II Dormitory
Loft Autumn LOFT Dormitory
宁静日常 Peaceful Daily Life Dormitory
可爱日常 Lovely Daily Life Dormitory
指挥室 G&K HQ Dormitory
咖啡店 Café Dormitory
暖冬和风 Warm Winter and Wind Dormitory
清冬和风 Clear Winter and Wind Dormitory
铁血工造 Sangvis Ferri Works Dormitory
圣诞福音 Christmas Gospel Dormitory
便利店 Convenience Store Dormitory
极地雪屋 Polar Igloo Dormitory
年夜迎春 New Years Eve Dormitory
游戏部门 IOP Game Division Dormitory
精英徽记 Elite Emblem Dormitory
星夜幻梦 Starry Dreams Dormitory
春日课堂 Springtime Classroom Dormitory
假日漫步 Holiday Stroll Dormitory
博物之路 Museum Road Dormitory
掩护专注 Cover Focus Skill Name
燃烧弹 Incendiary Grenade Skill Name
手榴弹 Hand Grenade Skill Name
照明弹 Flare Skill Name
烟雾弹 Smoke Grenade Skill Name
阻断射击 Interdiction Shot Skill Name
定点射击 Designated Shot Skill Name
瞄准射击 Aimed Shot Skill Name
立场盾 Force Shield Skill Name
后勤支援 Logistics Support Game Mechanics
模拟作战 Combat Simulation Game Mechanics
好感度 Affection Game Mechanics
宿舍 Dormitory Game Mechanics
人形制造 T-Doll Production Game Mechanics
装备制造 Equipment Production Game Mechanics
资料采样 Data Collection Game Mechanics
强化练习 Reinforcement Exercises Game Mechanics
经验特训 Experience Tranining Game Mechanics
防御演习 Defence Drill Game Mechanics
作战任务 Combat Mission Game Mechanics
人力 Manpower Game Mechanics
弹药 Ammunition Game Mechanics
口粮 Ration Game Mechanics
零件 Spare Part Game Mechanics
仓库 Warehouse Game Mechanics
图鉴 Collection Game Mechanics
梯队 Echelon Game Mechanics
栏位 Slot Game Mechanics
效能 Effectiveness Game Mechanics
人形制造契约 Crafting Contract Game Mechanics
快速制造契约 Acceleration Contract Game Mechanics
扩编 Dummy Link Game Mechanics
核心 core Game Mechanics
人形强化 T-Doll Powerup Game Mechanics
人形拆解 T-Doll Retire Game Mechanics
装备拆解 Recyelc Equipment Game Mechanics
技能训练 Skill Traning Game Mechanics
装备强化 Equipment Strengthen Game Mechanics
装备校准 Equipment Calibration Game Mechanics
修复 Restore Game Mechanics
快速修复契约 Fast Repair Game Mechanics
收纳库 Warehouse Game Mechanics
采购 Procurement Game Mechanics
舒适度 Coziness Level Game Mechanics
装扮 Costume Game Mechanics
采购币 Procurement Coin Game Mechanics
兑换券 White Ticket/Exchange Coupon Game Mechanics
黑卡 Black Ticket Game Mechanics
卡池预览 Available Gacha Game Mechanics
礼物 Gift Game Mechanics
波板糖 Candy Game Mechanics
蛋奶草莓芝士 Cake Game Mechanics
脆皮甜筒 Ice Cream Game Mechanics
家具套装 Furniture Set Game Mechanics
勋章系统 Medal System Game Mechanics
编队雷达系统 Team Evaluation System Game Mechanics
伯鲁泽维奇·克鲁格 Berezovich Kryuger NPC
赫丽安图斯 Helianthus NPC
帕斯卡利亚 Persicaria NPC
莱柯瑞斯 Lycoris NPC
格琳娜 Kalina NPC
巡游者 Prowler Enemy Unit
侦察者 Scout Enemy Unit
兵蚁 Dinergate Enemy Unit
劫豹 Jaguar Enemy Unit
切割者 Ripper Enemy Unit
胡峰 Vespid Enemy Unit
猎鸥 Jaeger Enemy Unit
痛击者 Striker Enemy Unit
护卫者 Guard Enemy Unit
龙骑兵 Dragoon Enemy Unit
“圣盾”型军用作战人形 Aegis Enemy Unit
“钢狮”型军用作战机甲 Nemeum Enemy Unit
“蝎甲兽”型军用作战机甲 Manticore Enemy Unit
“工蜂”型民用靶机 Drone Enemy Unit
Beak Enemy Boss
稻草人 Scarecrow Enemy Boss
刽子手 Executioner Enemy Boss
猎手 Hunter Enemy Boss
干扰者 Intruder Enemy Boss
炼金术师 Alchemist Enemy Boss
破坏者 Destroyer Enemy Boss
计量官 Gager Enemy Boss
代理人 Agent Enemy Boss
建筑师 Architect Enemy Boss
梦想家 Dreamer Enemy Boss
法官 Judge Enemy Boss
衔尾蛇 Ouroboros Enemy Boss
伊莱莎 Elisa Enemy Boss
AR小队 AR Team Misc
404小队 404 Squad Misc

Skillname translation

The current accepted translations for terms used in skill name are as follows:

  • 杀伤 = Anti-personnel
  • 爆破 = High explosive
  • 榴弹 = Grenade
  • 专注 = Focus
  • 火力 = Firepower, Fire(Fire Command only)
  • 突击 = Assault
  • 精确 = Precision
  • 掩护 = Cover
  • 压制 = Suppression
  • 干扰 = Disruption
  • 号令 = Command
  • 手榴弹 = Hand Grenade
  • 立场盾 = Forcefield
  • 瞄准射击 = Aimed Shot
  • 定点射击 = Designated Shot
  • 阻断射击 = Interdiction Shot
  • 燃烧弹 = Incendiary Grenade
  • 烟雾弹 = Smoke Grenade
  • 照明弹 = Flare(edited)

Updating the main page

The main wiki page uses Template:mainpage. visit the template page and follow the instructions to updpate the main page.

Editing/Creating T-Doll Pages

For page restructuring conveniences, T-Doll pages are made through using a single template, please read it on Template:T-Doll. To create a T-Doll page, simply copy the code in Template:T-Doll, paste them in the desired doll page, and fill in the parameters.

For editors wanting to fill these pages but doesn't know the value, please join the wiki discord channel.

Note: Use AimAttackSpecificTarge for "Interdiction Shot" and AimAttackCurrentTarge for "Aimed Shot", those two skills share the same icon.

Editing/Creating Equipment Pages

Similar to T-Doll pages, Equipment pages are made using the Template:Equipment. Copy the code in Template:Equipment, paste them in the desired doll page, and fill in the parameters.


Guide pages make use of Template:Guide : Make sure to add {{Guide}} to the beginning of a page to have a guide navbox appear as follows:

Registration · Tutorial · Strategies
Main Screen · Combat Menu · Formation Menu · Factory Menu · Research Menu · Restore Menu · Dormitory Menu
Combat · Logistic Support · T-Doll Production · Equipment Production · Combat Simulation · Quests

Guides are split into 3 sections: The beginners guides, Menu translations, and in-depth mechanics analysis.


We prefer that illustrative screenshots uploaded to the wiki follow the following guidelines:

  • Screenshots should be 720p if possible.
  • Labels should be in white text, and should be both bold and underlined. The font used for labels should be Noto Sans (available here).
  • Any labels should be clearly associated with the area of the image to which they refer, either by proximity or by explicitly drawn white lines.
  • Non-essential areas of the image should be blacked out. The preferred method is by adding a black layer with 50% opacity or above between the base screenshot and any labels. In cases where 50% is insufficient, higher opacity levels may be used.

Please use thumbs of 450 width format for pictures to ensure clarity of the image as a thumb. e.g. [[File:A.png|thumb|captionhere|450p]]

Useful Tools

Template:ThumbSlider - For a slider of thumbnails.

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